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{August 10, 2009}   A world without Yuu

As you may already have heard, Yuuichi Kageyama, known in art as Jasmine You passed away in the early hours of Sunday morning, August 9th. As a huge fan of Versailles, I was devastated to hear this unfortunate news. The whole fandom knew he was ill in hospital, but none of us ever expected this sudden and unfortunate end to his life.

To say that I was shocked is a bit of an understatement. I burst into tears when my friend Rose told me. I prayed that it was just a rumor, a foul joke played by some despicable person on the internet, but it wasn’t. She sent me the link to the official statement made by Versailles annoucing his death. It felt horrible, knowing that this wonderful man was no longer alive. I couldn’t stop crying for a good ten minutes, I was on the phone to Laura at the time just sobbing and repeating a mantra of “No, no, no, no!” to myself. I said goodbye to her and settled into a state of numb shock.

It still doesn’t feel real to any of us. Tributes to Jasmine have been flooding the community on Live Journal, Twitter has been unindated with the #JasmineYou tag and I started a Twibbon in his honour which so far, has been used by 44 people. The official Versailles site has been down most of the day due to the highlevel of traffic flooding it.

I’m still in shock, I’m still extremely sad, Jasmine was my favourite member of Versailles. He was always fabulous, doing strange things and dragging Kamijo out to dance in hotel hallways. We’ve grown stronger as fans, we’ve gotten to know eachother better in the most horrible of circumstances and I think that wherever he is now, Jasmine is looking down on us all, silently asking us not to shed too many tears for him, but instead to celebrate who he was. We will keep him alive by remembering his music, and by keeping him in our hearts. As long as one person remembers him, he will never truly die.



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