Nameless as of yet

{August 3, 2009}   I love lazy days…

Days where I can get away with sitting in bed reading all day, only pausing to eat and what not.

I started reading Nana a couple days ago and I’ve hardly been able to stop reading it! The characters and story line are just so amazing!! I think Ya-san is my favorite so far, he reminds me (visually) of Rude from the Turks but personality wise of Yuki from Fruits Basket…hmm…mental image of Yuki with no hair just popped into my head…its just too weird >∆<!

I haven’t even so much as stepped outside my front door today, I like to have at least one day a week where I can just stay in the house and not need to leave. For some reason, this day almost always seems to be a Monday, its probably my way of winding down after being stuck in work all weekend. Although I’ll have to get out of the habit of staying indoors as uni starts back up again next month!

Summer has felt neverending this year. Perhaps because this is my first year at university, the first year I’ve not had the same summer holidays as the schools do here. I’ve been off since the end of April, so I’m actually really looking forward to starting the new semester, though I can assure you that I’ll be sick of getting up early by the end of week 2, ahaha!

Tono and I will need to start thinking about Fresher’s Fair soon! I’m really looking forward to it, last year I didn’t go cause I wasn’t a member of C.O yet and I didn’t have any friends at the uni yet. This year however, I’ll be there in full cosplay ready to recruit as many people to the anime club as possible!! Cali Otaku is the name of it, if you didn’t already know and I’m in charge of events, seeing as that is my area of study!! I’ll also have to start thinking of activities and evenings we can hold this year to further promote the club and show people that anime fans aren’t all super weird hentai loving perverts. I think I just described Crag XD

Tomorrow is shopping with Maman, Uo-chan and Lambo-chan (these being my mum and two younger sisters), they still have to get all their school uniform and I wanted to go along seeing as I don’t get many chances to go out with the family due to me being stuck in work all weekend, every weekend it sometimes makes me wish I still worked in that fast food restaurant, even though the pay was terrible, at least the hours were more flexible!!

I’m probably going to go settle down with a film soon. I had to sort out my DVD collection earlier with the help of Uo-chan…I have the bad habit of not putting the discs in the right cases…it reminded me a little of that episode of Friends where Monica and Chandler had to go through every single CD in the apartment because he couldn’t put them back in the right cases XD



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