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{August 31, 2009}   Collectomania Glasgow + Me

This weekend, I worked at Collectormania Glasgow as you might already know.

It was a lot of fun, but incredibly tiring!! I was working at the Cosplay Booth, getting randoms in cosplay to sign up for the Masquerade~~ Ever been acosted by The Poison Scorpion Bianchi? Alot of people have now :’D We had about 20 entrants for Saturday’s cosplay which was won by an SG Atlantis group I think… Sunday had about 9 and was won by a guy from UK Garrison who wore his Custom Mandalorian costume. I forgot to get a picture but it was fantastic!!

There were many…enthusiastic…Kingdom Hearts 2 fans, who were also equally enthusiastic about Naruto and Yaoi…(see me trying not to be nasty here?) I almost got my Bianchi wig covered in glitter because of the Yaoi Fairy randomly trying to pour it on me. Only my lightning fast mafia reflexes got me out of there sparkle free (:’D).

We were outside the main hall with a table proclaiming COSPLAY in our epic hand drawn and crayon colored banner that we made at 8.30 in the morning on Saturday :3 Bianchi, Runcible and The Doctor have epic early morning skills!! We had a table full of sweeties (Tonks stole some at some point!), registration forms, pens and of course ourselves! We were placed next to some epic Airsoft guys  who had guns and costumes from movies like Shawn’s shirt from Shawn of the Dead. I managed to stay calm and totally professional when Hattie Hayridge walked past our table on her way back to the Green Room, even managing  a friendly smile and a hello ^_^ (aren’t I a well behaved Red Dwarf fan?)

3pm was the scheduled time for the Masquerade, Runcible was in charge, with the now Marty Mcfly standing telling me when to send cosplayers on stage. I was in charge of getting them to the right area and lining them up in the correct order and then making sure they all knew what to do and when. The teenagers in the Kingdom Hearts and Naruto cosplays were at this point really doing my head in and not staying in line. Professing that they had been “pushed out” and “didn’t know where they were meant to be” -_-;; my only response being “Well, if you had stayed where I put you, we wouldn’t have this problem”. We got them in the right order thankfully, Bianchi didn’t need to use Poison Cooking III on anyone (though I would have LOVED to!!).

Sunday was another good day. Less people for cosplay but I got Nii-san down to the arena to judge the cosplay for us and I spent most of the day playing with an R2D2 voice controlled toy robot. Even managing to get it to play the Imperial March, which even his owner, Scapegoat, couldn’t get it to do :3 I have a feeling it may have looked kind of creepy though, to see a girl dressed in EGL sitting with an R2 unit on her knee singing the Imperial March. I even had the actor playing Darth Vader from the original films watching at one point which was rather surreal as his guard said “I should hope he remembers!” after I asked the droid “R2, do you remember? Darth Vader?” I was that engrossed in the little robot on my knee that I didn’t realise Vader was watching XD moment of WIN if there ever was one!! I also got to see the epic sight of Professor Flitwick on a Segway…I really really really want a Segway now…already wanted one but after seeing one for real, I definately have to get one!!

I have a few pictures to share of some of the best cosplayers of the weekend~~

I hope that worked >.<!!

Still looking for a name for this blog, all CLEAN suggestions are welcome~



{August 12, 2009}   Hitting the town

Friday night, I decided after being repeatedly asked by Hubby-kun to come out to the pub with her and Nii-san and the rest of our friends. I’m rather glad I did, it was alot of fun ^3^

We met up around 7pm in Starbucks and had girly chats for a while before heading over to the pub at about 8pm. She and Bossu had found Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards on the train the night before, I felt compelled to sort them out according to type (trap, monster and magic) and then sat and separated the monsters out into each different type. Hubby then decided to call me Monica…I don’t have OCD THAT bad. Do I?

Rufus' the general meeting place

Rufus' the general meeting place

We spent a fair amount of time in Rufus T Firefly, our main pub, home of the Bloodbath and Dr Jaeger!!

She looks hammered, but she's sober...I've had more to drink than Debs!

She looks hammered, but she's sober...I've had more to drink than Debs!

And here we have Ally pulling a retarded face…he asked me to take the picture like that XD

Yes, he ASKED for a photo of this expression...

Yes, he ASKED for a photo of this expression...

We all headed to the Cathouse minus Deb-chan who went to meet up with the Bossu. I decided it would be a good idea to place a cup on Ally’s head and take a photo of it cause it stayed there (I was quite drunk at this point)

Balancing act!

Balancing act!

I also felt like taking a few pics on the dance floor,

Gentlemen, you are worse than the ladies!

Gentlemen, you are worse than the ladies!

The men decide that they need to cheer to the extreme!

The men decide that they need to cheer to the extreme!

A random took our picture for us and we had a couple photo bombers!!

A random took our picture for us and we had a couple photo bombers!!

We really need to go on more nights out like this, everyone!!

{August 10, 2009}   A world without Yuu

As you may already have heard, Yuuichi Kageyama, known in art as Jasmine You passed away in the early hours of Sunday morning, August 9th. As a huge fan of Versailles, I was devastated to hear this unfortunate news. The whole fandom knew he was ill in hospital, but none of us ever expected this sudden and unfortunate end to his life.

To say that I was shocked is a bit of an understatement. I burst into tears when my friend Rose told me. I prayed that it was just a rumor, a foul joke played by some despicable person on the internet, but it wasn’t. She sent me the link to the official statement made by Versailles annoucing his death. It felt horrible, knowing that this wonderful man was no longer alive. I couldn’t stop crying for a good ten minutes, I was on the phone to Laura at the time just sobbing and repeating a mantra of “No, no, no, no!” to myself. I said goodbye to her and settled into a state of numb shock.

It still doesn’t feel real to any of us. Tributes to Jasmine have been flooding the community on Live Journal, Twitter has been unindated with the #JasmineYou tag and I started a Twibbon in his honour which so far, has been used by 44 people. The official Versailles site has been down most of the day due to the highlevel of traffic flooding it.

I’m still in shock, I’m still extremely sad, Jasmine was my favourite member of Versailles. He was always fabulous, doing strange things and dragging Kamijo out to dance in hotel hallways. We’ve grown stronger as fans, we’ve gotten to know eachother better in the most horrible of circumstances and I think that wherever he is now, Jasmine is looking down on us all, silently asking us not to shed too many tears for him, but instead to celebrate who he was. We will keep him alive by remembering his music, and by keeping him in our hearts. As long as one person remembers him, he will never truly die.


{August 3, 2009}   I love lazy days…

Days where I can get away with sitting in bed reading all day, only pausing to eat and what not.

I started reading Nana a couple days ago and I’ve hardly been able to stop reading it! The characters and story line are just so amazing!! I think Ya-san is my favorite so far, he reminds me (visually) of Rude from the Turks but personality wise of Yuki from Fruits Basket…hmm…mental image of Yuki with no hair just popped into my head…its just too weird >∆<!

I haven’t even so much as stepped outside my front door today, I like to have at least one day a week where I can just stay in the house and not need to leave. For some reason, this day almost always seems to be a Monday, its probably my way of winding down after being stuck in work all weekend. Although I’ll have to get out of the habit of staying indoors as uni starts back up again next month!

Summer has felt neverending this year. Perhaps because this is my first year at university, the first year I’ve not had the same summer holidays as the schools do here. I’ve been off since the end of April, so I’m actually really looking forward to starting the new semester, though I can assure you that I’ll be sick of getting up early by the end of week 2, ahaha!

Tono and I will need to start thinking about Fresher’s Fair soon! I’m really looking forward to it, last year I didn’t go cause I wasn’t a member of C.O yet and I didn’t have any friends at the uni yet. This year however, I’ll be there in full cosplay ready to recruit as many people to the anime club as possible!! Cali Otaku is the name of it, if you didn’t already know and I’m in charge of events, seeing as that is my area of study!! I’ll also have to start thinking of activities and evenings we can hold this year to further promote the club and show people that anime fans aren’t all super weird hentai loving perverts. I think I just described Crag XD

Tomorrow is shopping with Maman, Uo-chan and Lambo-chan (these being my mum and two younger sisters), they still have to get all their school uniform and I wanted to go along seeing as I don’t get many chances to go out with the family due to me being stuck in work all weekend, every weekend it sometimes makes me wish I still worked in that fast food restaurant, even though the pay was terrible, at least the hours were more flexible!!

I’m probably going to go settle down with a film soon. I had to sort out my DVD collection earlier with the help of Uo-chan…I have the bad habit of not putting the discs in the right cases…it reminded me a little of that episode of Friends where Monica and Chandler had to go through every single CD in the apartment because he couldn’t put them back in the right cases XD


{August 3, 2009}   And so it begins!

Hey there!

Welcome to my new blog. Most of you will know who I am already (cause I linked it on my LJ and twitter of course!!) but for those of you who don’t–INTRODUCTIONS TEIM BE NAO!!

I’m Chloe and I plan to use this blog alot more than my Live Journal one for random updates about what I’ve been up to, who I’ve been annoying hanging out with and my current obsessions fandoms!!

et cetera